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Fastest switches

We use Arista switches across our network, the fastest switches in the industry.

Proprietary routing

Our custom in-house routing solution shaves milliseconds, further reducing latency.

Shortest paths

Traffic is sent along the shortest possible network path, and we adopt new paths as they become available.

Experience the fastest path

We’re no stranger to moving fast.
With GRB INFOTECH, you’ll connect over our ultra low latency network. We built a proprietary routing solution on top of the world’s fastest switches — and you’ll feel it.

We care about driving latency down and delivering break-neck speeds for serious business.

services we provide

Internet Service

Internet Fiber/Wireless

Networking/IT Support

Complete IT Solution Provider

OTT Apps

We provide OTT Bundle with high internet speed

A low-latency

easy to access international network.

GRB INFOTECH helps ISPs, LCOs, and corporates deploy lightning-fast solutions on our high-speed intercontinental network. With a hyperfast network offering the lowest latency connection, we are engineering India’s network of the future.


Our Mission

Creating the Future

of Finance Today

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99.95% availability

Nothing fancy here. We have a friendly SLA credits scheme in place, and if you want extra, we can deploy a custom redundancy solution.

On-shore Aussie support

Getting tech support shouldn’t feel like herding cats. Expect a support team that speak your language, understand the technology, and get things moving fast.


One account for billing

We shouldn’t have to say it, but you’ll only have one account to worry about. no matter how many locations you get connected. Your finance team will love you.

Direct line to NOC

Have a problem? Routing seem off? Need something improved? You’ll be able to reach out to our NOC with any issues, so we can get it resolved rapidly.