GRB Peering is a suit of services which accelerate download speeds of Internet users within the ISP network. The high-speed traffic shared between the users or peers is called peering traffic and is not accounted as Internet traffic.

Users can download from 10 to 100 Mbps much higher than the Internet speed. It depends on the last mile technology (fiber, cat5, etc) and on the power of the servers installed. It takes 5 minutes or less to download a full CD(700MB) from the local network.

We do not provide any content. The huge amount of content available on the Peering Network is all hosted and shared by the peering users. Users can use smart search engines to find content available locally.

TorBox.net is a third-party local content search engine. It doesnot host any content but shows what content is available near you. Of course you can use any other search engine (like Google) to find content but there is no guarantee such content will be present near you. If content is available near you our Peering Technology makes efforts that you receive it at ultra-high speed from the other peering users.

Peering works with all last mile technologies, like WiFI. The last mile technology is important to the speed users can get, so Fiber, EoC and Cat5 systems provide the best speeds.

The Internet speed is not affected at all, it will be according to the package. The ultra-high download speeds available on the Peering Network comes locally and must not account as Internet traffic.

You donot need to do anything special. Just browse and download. If the content is available locally it will come super fast. You can also search on torbox.net and see what's available from other users on the Peering Network. Look for search results marked with (green dot)These signs means the download will be at a very fast speed.

There are no any limits or FUPs. You have unlimited downloads at extremely high speeds with no data or time limits. And all Peering traffic is not considered Internet traffic.

If you are using a data limited plan (for ex. 512kbps with 1GB monthly data limitation) be aware. The Peering Traffic itself is unlimited and not accounted as Internet traffic therefore it does not trigger your data limits. At the same time while downloading, some of the peers might be outside the Peering Network and the traffic coming from them is a regular Internet traffic which will be delivered from the Internet at your regular Internet speed and will trigger your data limits.
If you want to use safely the Peering Service we strongly recommend to only choose unlimited Internet packages.

It comes together with the Internet package. Check our Tariff for different peering speeds. Yes! No mistake you can have unlimited extremely high-speed downloads at the price of a movie ticket.

No special software is required. Browse video sites like youtube, or search on torbox.net to find content available near you. To download and share with others you may use utorrent or other torrent application if not already installed on your computer.
WARNING! Do not infringe copyright while sharing. Please respect the intellectual property laws of the country!